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About us

About us

Respect for nature, responsibility, trust, passion.

Just as grain only grows on good soil, Legrano grows by being faithful to these four values that have accompanied us since the very beginning of our company.

Legrano Company works on processing of cereals and production of groats, flour and flakes. The products available in our offer are manufactured from cereals purchased from regular and trusted suppliers. Taking care of our customers’ health and satisfaction, we have set up an innovative laboratory for testing glyphosate, pesticides and microbiology in the cereals delivered to us. This allows us to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, containing nutritional values, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

With Legrano’s growth prospects in mind, we remain faithful to the values that were inherent in our beginnings. With passion and respect for nature we produce groats, flour and cereals, taking full responsibility for the quality of our products. Since the beginning of our activity we have been developing at a great pace in order to serve people and nature with new energy every day. Experience in working with grains, high quality of products and modern technological solutions constitute the basis for Legrano’s success.

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